The Myth Of Soulmates

According to Greek mythology, “humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. The humans used to have some powers back then and refused to pray to gods.  Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”

It is said that in the beginning of time, when humans were first created, they had a form different to that they have today. They were both man and woman, had four arms, four legs and a single head made of two faces.

In “The Symposium”, Plato, a famous Greek theatre and comedy writer, tells the story of the Soulmates.

Here were three genders in nature: Man, Woman and the “Androgynous”, which literally means man-woman in Greek. Each gender had two sets of genitalia, with the Androgynous having both the male and the female sex. The gender of humans had to do with their origin; the Men were children of the Sun and Women were the children of the Earth. Androgynous however, were children of the Moon, born out of the merging of the Sun and the Earth.

And there was a time that humans were very powerful creatures, fearless and strong, and even dared to threat the Gods. They threatened to conquer them and rule in their stead, and become the new Gods. So the Gods had to answer, and contemplated on how to face the human’s threat and what needed to be done for balance and harmony to be restored once again. They thought of destroying humans completely, face them in a battle and kill them with lightning, as they did with the Titans. But if the humans are no longer , there would also be no more tributes to Gods from the humans, a thought that the Gods did not enjoy at all.

So Zeus came up with another solution. They would split the humans in half and punish them for their pride and hubris. Apart from the pain that would cause them, they would also double the population of humans, hence doubling the tributes that had to be made to them by humans. And so they did and the humans everywhere split in two. These new creatures were living in complete misery, drenched in their pain and sorrow. They were so sad that they wouldn’t eat or drink for days, not caring if they died.

After the separation of humans, every human was in the search of finding their soulmate. wondering how they can live without the other person, they started searching for that one person who made them feel complete. Zeus could have done anything, like “the curse of eve” from the Bible. Where the women had to suffer from childbirth and the man to run his house. He could have made things difficult in any way. He could have vanished man kind. But he choose not to. He wanted the man kind to suffer daily, alive but made them feel dead inside.

Till date we search for for that one person who makes us feel alive outside. Who serves the purpose of our lives. But in finding true love we loose ourselves. Which is the aim of the punishment. But we can break the curse by loving ourselves first. And to feel complete in oneself. There is nothing better than loving oneself.

Whether the Soulmate story is purely a Myth or there is some truth in it, we may never know. However, the lucky ones that have found their soulmate, or twin-flame, partner in life, they all describe the feeling in a similar way:

“He was the stranger I recognized.”

“She immediately felt like home to me.”

“It was as if we knew each other for years.”

“It felt like we belonged to each other.”

So, may we all tread fearlessly in this brave path of finding the One for us, the One that Is us. And may we never yield in our Quest for True Love. And the Quest will be challenging, with love that is not pure disguising itself as True Love, with us losing faith and perhaps settling for something less as we persuade ourselves that True Love is a fantasy. In a daunting world full of noise and misguidance, may our hearts be strong and our will adamant. For if not, it is us that will ultimately pay the price, a life not accomplished, a happiness not found, a home never felt. For home is not a place, It is a feeling.

For those that haven’t found their other half, this should be inspirational since the Greeks were always wise about the human condition. To know more about Greek myths you can read “OLYMPUS- an Indian retelling of the Greek myths”