What does One’s Favorite number says about them?

“Numbers rule all things.” – Pythagoras 580 – 500 B.C.E.

The study of number symbolism was described by Plato as the “highest level of knowledge.”

Pythagoras believed that numbers had souls and magical powers.

The Pythagoreans classified numbers into two categories: odd and even, male and female, light and dark, and so on.

Around the world, numbers are being used in superstitions, religions, and mythology.

The meaning of numbers has always played an important role and will always be a part of our daily lives.

Trivial fun facts can be entertaining for anyone who has a favorite number. The question is, do you have a number that means something special to you? If so, how important is it in your life? Is it a source of harmony or stress? Numbers can be both exciting and mystical. Numbers are also entertaining to play with. For centuries, people have been fascinated by the meaning of numbers.

The study of numbers, shapes, and related structures is known as mathematics. Number mysticism belongs elsewhere and is commonly referred to as numerology. Numerology explores the inner workings of the human mind but little about the rest of the universe. Meanwhile, mathematics shines a light on most of the universe but, as yet, very little on human psychology.

What does your favorite number says about your personality? Here what it is:


In most cultures, being number one is associated with being the “best.” The number represents confidence, and you are most likely a strong leader with an ambition. 1 lover is brave, but they can also be selfish and demanding. 1 is the number of the loner, or someone who refuses to follow the crowd. It represents the creative spirit as well as individuality.


It is a divine number that refers to the One and Only God. The number is also the number of the human being, the only creature on the planet capable of standing on two legs.

“strengths” is the longest word in the English language with only one vowel!


You’ve probably heard the proverb that “all good things comes in pairs.” This can be seen in many places in nature where two things work together. One cannot exist in the absence of the other. For example, The sun and the moon coexist, as do day and night, life and death.

Individuals who prefer the number two are intuitive and emotional. These individuals can also be extremely shy and easily overwhelmed by negativity. They are often told that they have a dual personality because they can see both sides of the coin. They enjoy the use of their imagination and know how to persuade others to join their cause in a creative way.

The number two represents partnership.


Two is a number of balances, but it is also a number of conflict and opposition.

The positive and negative could not exist without the number two.

Eve, the first woman on earth, was born on the second day of the second month of the second year.

Greeks allocated the second day of the month to honor Hades / Pluto (the god of the Underworld). They believed that the number two possessed the ability to bring forth evil.


Three lovers are typically the life and soul of the party. They are energetic, amusing, and outgoing. If you prefer the number three, you probably have a clear vision for your future and are quite artistic and quite talented. However, your popularity can cause you to become self absorbed and egotistical. You, on the other hand, make friends easily.

Three is significant because it is a number associated with good fortune in many cultures. It is the first number that can be used to make a geometrical figure – a triangle. Many religions consider three to be the number of harmonies, wisdom, and understanding.


We’ve all heard the expression “third time’s a charm.”

Three is the number of times:

The past, the present, and the future. Birth, life, and death. Beginning, Middle, and End.

The number three represents the divine. In many religions, the number three is considered sacred.

Many actions in ritual are repeated three times. Like 3 times pradikshanas around the temple.

Also, Three is commonly the magical number in fairy tales. Like genie granting only 3 wishes.

In Greek mythology, there were three God rulers: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. The world was created by three brothers.


If four is your lucky number, you’re a rock stable and reliable person. You are brave and honest, and you place your trust in others wisely. Most of the time, you have a clear head and truly believe in what you do. On the negative side, your steadfast beliefs can cause you to be stubborn at times.

The number four represents stability, order, and the completion of equality.


The four cardinal points- North, South, East, West.

The four winds, The four elements- earth, air, water and fire

The four phases of the moon, and the four seasons in nature. It is the number of the square, which represents a solid foundation.


Five is the number of a person who is constantly on the move. You get bored easily and thus enjoy frequent changes in life. When you don’t have anything to do, you’ll find something to do somehow. You can be very curios and energetic, but this can sometimes lead to you being a bit dramatic and having difficulty making up your mind.

When it comes to humans, the number has a lot of meaning. It also combines the female number (2 )with the male number (3), resulting in the marriage(2+3) number of  5.


 The number five represents balance. The Pythagoreans considered five as the “hieros gamos,” or marriage of heaven and earth.

Five is the number of human being. The number five represents the four limbs as well as the head that controls the limbs.

It also symbolizes our five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.


The number 6 represents completion.

The number six represents beauty and high ideals.

Six lovers are generally gentle, considerate, and patient. They have a lot of ideas they want to share with the world, which can make them arrogant or egotistical. They are more prone to feeling lonely and, as a result, are clingier in their relationships. They have a strong desire to participate in adventurous activities and are brave individuals.

Six represents beauty, high ideals, and completion.


Venus, the goddess of love, is represented by the number six.

Six is a perfect number (when all the divisors of a number are added, the sum equals the number itself), which is extremely rare.

Extrasensory perception is referred to as “the sixth sense” (ESP). When referring to a guess or instinct, the phrase “the sixth sense” is also commonly used.

The number 6 represents good fortune and is the highest number on the dice.


Those who choose the number seven are likely to be wise and well-read. Because of their higher IQ, they may be more impatient and critical of others. They are, however, very loyal and faithful people who will stand by their loved ones in times of crisis.

The number 7 represents perfection, security, safety, and rest. It is the most popular number in many cultures and is generally regarded as very lucky.


In Islam, the number seven is significant; seven heavens, seven times around the Kaaba, and seven verses in the first sura are some examples.

Hindus believe that there are 7 lives for every individual.

David Beckham is a big fan of the number seven that he named his daughter Harper Seven.

The rainbow has seven colors.

A week consists of seven days.

The diatonic scale has seven notes.


Eight lovers do not require the luck of the 7’s to be successful. They are usually quite powerful on their own, and they work very hard to get what they want. They are people who are well-balanced in terms of personality and mood, and as a result, they are trustworthy. They prefer harmony and see things in a positive light.

Number 8 is a very lucky number in China. In China eight is homonym for prosperity. Number 8 symbolizes the ability to make decisions and power.


It’s the most balanced number, being shaped the same on the top and bottom.

“Octo” is the Latin word for eight.

Oktas are units of measurement for the number of clouds in the sky (from 0 to 8).

There are eight sides to the stop sign.

The umbrellas have eight sides.

A byte is eight bits in the world of computers.

The atomic number for oxygen is eight.

Spiders who has eight legs are considered lucky.

Infinity is represented mathematically by a tilted 8.


The characteristics of nine lovers are said to be balanced with a little of all other number’s traits. They are usually more satisfied people because they are always striving for the highest levels. They make effective use of their talents and abilities, making them excellent leaders. You can, however, be moody at times. If you prefer the number nine, you most likely enjoy action and adventure.

Because it is one digit short of ten, the number nine is considered unlucky in some cultures. It is, however, the number of magic, wisdom, and fulfilment. It also marks as the end of the numerological cycle, as numerology is primarily concerned with the numbers one to nine.


The number 9 represents magic.

The number nine is considered to be auspicious.

The number nine represents completion and fulfilment.

The number nine represents wisdom and good leadership.

Heaven is represented by the number nine.

Brahma, the Creator, is represented by the number nine in Hinduism.

In Japan, the number nine is assumed to be unlucky. When the number nine is spoken aloud, it sounds like the word for “pain.”


The majority of us have a favourite number. It could be our birth date or the date of a major event in our lives.

Others claim that a specific number appears all over the place throughout their lives. Naturally, this number will be very important to that person.

The question is whether these numbers truly bring good fortune or if they are merely a coincidence?

Our perception of numbers appears to be culturally influenced. In the Western world, the number four is considered auspicious. It is considered extremely unlucky in Asia.

Millions of people in the Western world believe that the number thirteen is the unluckiest, so airlines and hotels frequently ignore the number thirteen to try and please nervous customers.

Whether or not we believe in number symbolism is defined by our level of “superstition.”


Numerology can be an entertaining way to learn more about yourself. What number you choose as your favourite can reveal aspects of your personality that you may not have realised before. Was your number a perfect match for you?

Please keep in mind that you should only combine your findings for numbers in the double or triple digits (if 18 then 1& 8 can apply to you or either 1 or 8). If you choose a number because it has personal meaning to you, such as a birthdate or someone’s age, it will be meaningful for that reason rather than the numerical significance. Does it apply to you? Please let us know.